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The complete package

Ever meet someone and commented on how effortlessly cool they are? That’s our Jordy, a clean, uncomplicated, white-roofed trailer stage who’s at home on the beach, in the street or in the park. Whatever the occasion, Jordy will fit in, making him a great package deal for your next event. He takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to set up, but once he’s ready to go he’s as chilled as they come, rocking some elegant features for a professional feel. 

Jordy is approved by a structural engineer and is certified for Structural Design Compliance, in line with Australian regulations.

Our clients choose Jordy because of the following features:

  • Solid deck with non-slip matte black surface and trimmed edges
  • Fold-out roof canopy, with side flaps for enhanced weather protection
  • Lighting rigging with 3 trusses
  • Entry/exit stairs with chequer-plate steps and handrail
  • Rear screen
  • Rear safety rail 
  • Height-adjustable roof
  • Height-adjustable base for sloping sites
  • Pleated skirts that fully cover the base of the stage
  • Optional PA wings at additional cost 
  • Optional side walls at additional cost
  • Ability for banners to be included

Note: If you plan on designing your own banners, make sure you include eyelets on the top and bottom of your banner or arrange for them at the time of your order. They are used to tie your banner to the stage ensuring it won’t flap around in the wind.


  1. Size 7.5m wide x 5m deep
  2. Length 9.5m complete length including draw bar
  3. Roof height 3.9m from ground
  4. Height of rear stage 2.4m from deck at lowest point
  5. Deck height (approx) 0.9m–1.2m from ground
  6. Clearance height for entry 3.7m, or 3.2m with masts removed
  7. Roof height (approx) 4.5m at front from ground, 2.8m at rear from ground
  8. Truss capacity 2.0kPa (200kg/m2) for truss segments (747mm)
  9. Banner Spec - Deck to underside of roof truss at rear 2.45m high x 7.5m wide, plus 3.5m to hang from top of truss
  10. Banner Spec - Deck to top of roof truss at front 3.383m high, less 35cm hang to underside of truss
  11. Stairs Can be single or double on left and/or right with handrail

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