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Big, bold and ready to rock your event

Betsy is a bit of a rocker. She takes a while to get ready (approximately 1.5 hours), but she’ll be the star of the show with her unmistakable and understated style that suits almost any event. On a sloping site? Betsy is height adjustable, so she’ll take it in her stride. Want to rock extra hard? Betsy’s domed roof canopy, lighting rig capacity and solid deck give you plenty of scope to shake it all night long.

But it’s not all about rock ‘n’ roll. Betsy represents great value, making her a popular choice for music or dance performances of all genres.

Betsy is approved by a structural engineer and is certified for Structural Design Compliance, in line with Australian regulations.

Our clients choose Betsy because of the following features:

  • Solid deck with a unique extra-grip black plywood surface
  • Domed roof canopy for a rock stadium feel 
  • Lighting rigging with 3 sets of trusses; centre section has a double truss
  • Entry/exit stairs with chequer-plate steps and handrail
  • Rear screen
  • Rear safety rail
  • Height-adjustable base for sloping sites
  • Skirts that fall to the base of the stage
  • Roof can open either side
  • Entry and exit stairs with chequer-plate steps and handrail
  • Ability for banners to be included 

Note: If you plan on designing your own banners, make sure you include eyelets on the top and bottom of your banner or arrange for them at the time of your order. They are used to tie your banner to the stage ensuring it won’t flap around in the wind. Make sure you consider if drum kits, risers or other items will obscure the view of the lower section of your banner. 

Shown below with PA wings (optional).


  1. Size 6m wide x 4.5m deep
  2. Length (approx) 7.8m including draw bar
  3. Roof height (approx) 4.2m from ground
  4. Deck height (approx) 1.2m–1.3m from ground
  5. Clearance height for entry 3.4m
  6. Width for entry 2.5m in transit mode
  7. Roof Universal roof; opens either side
  8. Stairs Can be single or double on left and/or right with handrail
  9. Front corner load capacity 100kg
  10. Truss capacity 50kg per metre
  11. Available extensions Deck
  12. Banner Spec - Deck to underside of roof truss at rear 2.67m high x 5.99m wide
  13. Banner Spec - Deck to underside of roof truss at front 2.7m

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